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Brand BFNS

Bf-notions ( BFNS in short ) is a trademark for high quality stocked notions and garment acessories, created in 2017, by KL, the Dot-gas founder who is crazy enough to do something different to the world, keeping the products WELL-DESIGNED, WELL-MADE, NON-BRANDED & ECO-FRIENDLY, only letting the details and quality to speak for the brand. The collection of BFNS is essentially linked to wide-ranging ready-to-sell and ready-to-manufacture options in terms of styles, sizes, and colours; with surprisingly NO-MOQ required, FAST delivery, LOWEST air freight, and COMPRESSED production lead-times. Limits in choices redefined and flexibility in services built to individuals, start-ups, and SMEs. You can easily choose what we have through our website. More importantly, you will enjoy using our products!

... And a little story behind BFNS

The founder KL was a commercial art designer who studied in art school for 6 years and had been worked in the fashion industry for 7 years. Since he decided to devote himself to the little things — buttons, rivets, snaps and other fashion notions in 2010, he gave up his designer career and started his own.

As a designer, he deeply knows it is really difficult for talented people or other designers to get their works done amazingly with high-quality buttons, rivets and other notions when they are not needing a lot for the small projects or creating the masterpieces. The major problem they always face is that most of the factories dislike doing small orders very much and sometimes there is even no room to negotiate. He took this challenge and tried to change the game with all his abilities and skills. He visited almost a thousand of shops in the marketplaces and contacted almost a hundred of factories in Guangdong province - the heart of manufacturing industry in China. It was a tough work for the beginning because only a few factories could understand what he was doing and why he always needed extra support on a small amount of production. Having high standards also unpleasant most of the factories and sometimes the relationship could not carry on. There are always conflicts between his philosophy and the factories', especially on the environmental issue. But he didn't give up and kept getting his hands dirty.

So far our products are exported directly to over 40 countries and this will never stop. There's no such an ending for the improvement in terms of quality, designs, and services. KL always does his best to remain his company as 'lean' as possible in order to maximumly lower the operation cost so that he can invest more into production, quality as well as the product development. He believes the scale of his company eventually defines nothing, but the products do. He keeps seizing every possibility to build his own world of ready-to-sell items and let the clients forget MOQ and enjoy choosing from a variety of well-made and well-selected items.




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