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Why us?

CHINA, this “The World's Factory”, is enormous that you can find one single item in too many different qualities you can never imagine. It is always difficult for you to find a place that persistently supplies the same quality, not to mention persistent high-quality or high-grade. The fact is that you would easily end up receiving low quality or defective goods and this happens time to time. And that's why we were born and have become the solution. We are a factory-based company and located in Dongguan, one of the 'World's factory' cities in southern China. Since we’re part of the manufactory, we play a very special role to directly control quality as well as production that none of the typical trading companies, suppliers or middlemen can do. The whole production line is completely under our control, for making sure everything will be processed in the correct ways. Strict quality inspection is seriously included as one of our core values, and that makes us capable of meeting high demands from well-known brands, designer labels, garment factories or even DIYers all over the world. We not only are professional in our field but also truly understand how the market runs and even how other factories operate inside out in China. No matter when we choose to manufacture ourselves or outsource, we can be able to ensure the quality and manage the production lines well.



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