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Eyelet (also called grommet) we manufacture is made from the brass material which is targeted to applying to the fashion industry. Eyelets are used to reinforce holes in leather, cloth, canvas and other fabrics. Laces, ribbons or cords are threaded through the eyelets. The hole you make with a Hole Punch Plier is called the eyes, and you need a hand press machine or kick press machine to apply the grommets on fabric with the corresponding die sets we supply. For functionality, eyelets are basically used to strengthen holes. Most usually they are seen in shoes and hoodies. Eyelets can be also used for the drawstring waistbands and in bags or to lace up dress backs. More than that, eyelets sometimes are used purely decoratively for crafting or any fashion items. There are all common size options with us which are designed and made for garments, bags and accessories. In order to match up with everything you do, not only we have different styles for you, but also up to 32 selected plating colour options for your choices. We also do spray-painting for extending our colour options to customization.



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