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Jeans Button / Rivet Tack

Jeans button tack or jeans rivet tack attaches through the denim fabric and secures into the base of the button or rivet. A Jeans button or rivet consists of 2 components. When you take a look at the back of the buttons or rivets on your jeans, the flat metal piece on the inside of the jeans you see is the back of the tack. When you apply tack buttons or rivets to jeans or any types of garments, choosing compatible and suitable tacks is always important. A wrong choice of tacks may cause a big problem such as deformation of the buttons themselves or unsecured functionality, therefore, you have to carefully choose tacks for your buttons or rivets. Choosing the most appropriate tacks depends on what type of tack buttons or rivets you select, what kind of fabrics as well as considering how many layers of the fabric you want the buttons or the rivets to hold.

Aluminum Tack is the most popular and economical tacks for jeans button or jeans rivet nowadays because they're solid, light and very strong. The aluminium tacks we supply are eco-friendly, well-formed and high-quality. A lot of customers ask us what type of tack buttons has the greatest holding strength, the conclusion we actually received from hundred times of pull-out test is that the buttons go with right aluminium tacks has the greatest holding strength comparing hollow copper tack or twin-prong copper tack. Solid copper tacks are as great as aluminium tacks, but the cost is much higher not mention the cost of shipping. In terms of style, we can separate our aluminium tacks into 4 typical kinds:

[1] Pointed Aluminum Tack – applied to single prong tack button, swivel tack buttons or any type of jeans rivets e.g. nipple rivet, inverted nipple rivet or capped rivet. Different length is available to us for different thicknesses of the fabrics or materials.

[2] Lance Aluminum Tack – most common one for non-swivel hollow-cap tack buttons. It secures the hollow-cap tack buttons in the best and coolest way.

[3] Screw Aluminum Tack – designed for plastic inserted tack buttons. The screw is perfect to work with the nylon core together, making the buttons almost unbreakable.

[4] Capped Aluminum Tack – This is designed for getting a customized colour, pattern or logo. All kinds of aluminium tacks can be capped.



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