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Jeans Rivet

Nipple Rivet is the first rivet in the world. It first appeared in Levi’s Jeans placed at stress point to prevent tearing. Since that, lots of famous brands followed, such as Ben Davis, Lee, Wrangler from America; Reply, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, G-Star from Europe; Denime, Edwin from Asia. Nipple rivets were suddenly booming and causing a sensation in the world. They are not only commonly used as a method of pocket reinforcement for jeans, corduroy trousers and twill pants, but also an ornamentation. Nipple rivet is actually ever-popular element on jeans and has become fashion trend until now. As one of the essential elements from the original jeans, nipple rivets can give you the strongest impression of the classic jeanswear.

Flat Capped Rivet is not only for its function that a way to secure parts of a garment where several layers of denim or other fabric make sewing impractical or insufficiently strong but also a decorative element to your products. The flat rivets give you a feeling of elegant and neat. While nipple rivet is the most common rivet on jeans, the flat-capped rivet is a utility. You can apply it to jeans wear, casual wear, accessories such as bags, belts, blankets and so on. This is good for some DIYers to make the products cool and special. We have 5 available sizes from 5-9 mm, with up to 20 colour options are well-selected. Hence, you could easily choose the most favourable rivets for your products no matter Male or Female even Kidswear. Spray printing service is also added to extend your colour options, simply provide the Pantone numbers with us, then we can have them spray-painted in any colours you want. 



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