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Snap Fasteners

Snap Fastener (also called snap, snap button or press stud) is generally made from brass materials. Typical nap fasteners have four pieces - head / female-male / backer, they are all applied by riveting. Snap fasteners are divided into three categories: S-spring snap fasteners, ring-spring snap fasteners and pronged-ring snap fasteners. 

S-spring Snap Fastener ( 482, 484, 486 ) is one kind of the primary fasteners on a wide variety of garments, ranging from technical wear to infant wear. They are widely used as closures on jackets, coats, mountaineering jackets and different kinds of bags. Spring Snap Button is using S-shaped springs of high-quality bronze spring wire for smooth and durable functions. The spring wire controls tension, which decides the value of tensile force curve in a certain or a small range.

Features of S-spring Snap Fasteners
1) Smooth, durable closing and opening function
2) Lies flat on the fabric due to the shape of the press fastener components, even on thin fabrics because of domed sockets.
3) High resistance to opening when receiving lateral force.
4) Optimal protection against the effects of the weather (cold, heat, dirt, snow, ice etc.).
5) The universality of application for many garment materials.
6) A diverse range of standard types and fashionable variation with regard to design, size, and colour.

Ring-spring Snap Fastener ( 405, 406 ), also named R-spring press snap (R stands for ring), is using ring-shaped springs for the firm and thick types of fabrics or leathers. The ring-shaped spring controls tension, which decides the value of tensile force curve in a big range or changeable range with different thickness of ring spring wire diameter. As one of the early-developed buttons, Press Snap Button is still frequently used on garment and bags which need more force, such as heavy jackets, denim jeans, travel bags, climbing backpacks, golf pouch, sports equipment, strollers and PVC products.

Features of Ring-spring Snap Fastener
1) Robust function because of ring-shaped spring that is particularly suitable when high demands are made on the closing force.
2) Preferred use with firm and thick types of fabric.
3) Tight binding of the fabric layers.
4) High resistance to opening when receiving lateral force.
5) Varied possibilities for cap shapes.



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